2010 Resolutions

So it is now 2010! I hope last year treated everyone well, I know I enjoyed ’09 but I am ready for this New Year! It is a little cliche to do this but I believe that a Designer’s Resolution Post is due… So without further adieu I give you the Soaring Design Resolutions List!!!

In the year of 2010 I will:

– Never EVER use the font family Papyrus. (I know that goes without saying or at least I thought it did until I saw that Avatar was sooo fond of it… BTW, check out the ISO50 post about Avatar and what Alex had to say about it: http://blog.iso50.com/2009/12/30/avatar-and-papyrus/).

– Try to purchase a camera so that I can 1. Get on the Photography train that everyone else is on and 2. Mix photography and graphic design together for outstanding prints!!! (Point 1 is meant to be funny while 2 is completely serious).

– Push myself to new heights with After Effects and make it just as second nature to me as Photoshop or Illustrator.

– Sell at least 20 prints and maybe even set up a little online shop or have them go for auction on e-bay (I know, I have some lofty goals).


– Try to make this whole Soaring Design gig an actual real-life running business (small but running like a REAL business none the less).

– Push my level of creativity so that people think I am crazy instead of fitting into the mold of what everyone else is doing.

And above all else:

– Continue to work with integrity and never EVER skimp on my product!!!

Well that about sums up MY resolutions for this year… If you have any you want to add just hit up the comments and I will be sure to respond as quickly as I can.



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Hey everyone, I know it has been FOREVER, (actually, I haven’t posted since October 20th) and I have probably killed any followers/readers of this blog due to my lack of inactivity, but that is what you get when you are trying to finish your senior year of college (yes that is correct, I am posting during my Christmas break). So here is the scoop, I know I haven’t been the most faithful and I apologize but this is due to my schedule and the fact that I am giving this blog a total face-lift (which will soon come), as well as accepting new work, going to school AND working a part-time job.

All the new stuff I am working on is from a mix of return and new clients which makes me feel really good about life and about my skills as a Designer. I have to say that I am loving this a whole lot more than I ever thought I could. I am challenging myself by taking on motion graphics projects and my print work has really really improved! I haven’t posted ANY of my new work due to the fact that I just haven’t had time and since I am changing the look of this blog I will just be re-uploading all of the pics anyway. So this has kind of also kept me from looking at my blog and really doing anything with it.

So that is the skinny so far… I will let you know if anything happens in my life. Hopefully this will return some hits to my blog and people will be satisfied with this post; otherwise…

Peace out!

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Where The Wild Things Are Review Pt. 1

Where The Wild Things Are

Ok, so I know this blog post is a little bit behind EVERY blog about this movie but I just have to say that this movie blew me away! I have been anticipating the arrival of this movie since I first saw the trailer on Scott Hansen’s Blog. At first glance I fell in LOVE with the entire movie! Since childhood I have loved the story, meaning, and art of this beautiful book and was entirely excited to see that this was going to be a movie. I did have my doubts though, as everyone usually does (will this movie fail, will they add too much to the story so that it loses its meaning, will it even BE the same or does it just have the same characters?).

Well yes; and no… This movie has captured the entire essence of the book (they even use lines from the book in the movie), but they have also added to the story in such a deep and emotional way that it still fits with the story but also puts a new twist on the entire thing.

I will say that most of the feelings I felt watching this movie I haven’t felt since I was a little boy. The feeling of no one understanding or listening to you, the feeling that you do not know what to do with your anger, the feeling that even monsters (or adults) can be scared really effected me in a deep way. I guess I would say that I realized in a deeper way that adults are sometimes just scared kids that don’t really know WHAT to do. I have to say that being a senior in college I am all too familiar with that feeling.

This post is part one to the two part review… Next post I will review the entire film from an art perspective, rather than the emotional perspective.

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Exciting Weekend and Updates

Ok so this weekend I will be posting all the new work that I have done in the past few months, (I know it has been a long time coming). With all the new work I have been receiving it has been difficult to keep up with this whole “blogging about design” thing, but one of the reasons why I have not been posting as often is that I am working on making this page look WAY better than it does now. It will navigate very much like a website but will include a full portfolio/blog. So all of you will soon see the fruits of my labor and the very reasons why this blog looks very much like an abandoned blog.

So anyway, I leave you all with this little link… the type is AWESOME… the pricing? RIDICULOUS!!! (I will be buying these when I get the disposable income….)


House Industries

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Weeks, Leaks, and Sneak Peeks


I apologize to all of those who either follow or look at this blog, but I have not posted anything to it since I have gotten back to school. I apologize for this, but business is booming! I recently took a design job for a branding/event design and I have to say that this work is the best of all of my work so far as a designer! I am loving it and I know you all will love it too!

In a couple of days I will be posting all the new work AND will be posting some sneak peeks at the new business cards that will be printed soon! I will also be printing my work and will hopefully be selling it in the near future in some coffee shops, so be looking for posts on that as well! In the meantime check out the little header to this post… that is part of the event poster I have designed, the full thing will be posted in the next few days!

It is an exciting day for Soaring Design as the work pours in and I am perfecting my craft! I love it, and wouldn’t trade it for the world!

– Erik, Graphic Designer

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A Music Video Done Right!

This video is pretty impressive. Now I know I am biased because I LOVE the metal genre, but this video is shot perfectly! HD quality, widescreen, this renews my hope for youtube. Anyway, watch it and enjoy folks…

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New Portfolio Setup

Motion Graphics

So the blog now has a new portfolio set-up; with two different portfolios: Print and Motion Graphics!!! So behold the stuff I have been working on all summer and tell me what you think!

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