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The Soaring Design site and blog has moved to a new location. WordPress has been our home for quite some time now and we needed a new space to grow and wanted a different look. So may I present to you our new website:

There it is folks! All the latest and greatest updates will happen here from now on!

Thanks for reading and keeping up to speed here! Please do so on our new site!


– Erik –


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2010 Resolutions

So it is now 2010! I hope last year treated everyone well, I know I enjoyed ’09 but I am ready for this New Year! It is a little cliche to do this but I believe that a Designer’s Resolution Post is due… So without further adieu I give you the Soaring Design Resolutions List!!!

In the year of 2010 I will:

– Never EVER use the font family Papyrus. (I know that goes without saying or at least I thought it did until I saw that Avatar was sooo fond of it… BTW, check out the ISO50 post about Avatar and what Alex had to say about it:

– Try to purchase a camera so that I can 1. Get on the Photography train that everyone else is on and 2. Mix photography and graphic design together for outstanding prints!!! (Point 1 is meant to be funny while 2 is completely serious).

– Push myself to new heights with After Effects and make it just as second nature to me as Photoshop or Illustrator.

– Sell at least 20 prints and maybe even set up a little online shop or have them go for auction on e-bay (I know, I have some lofty goals).


– Try to make this whole Soaring Design gig an actual real-life running business (small but running like a REAL business none the less).

– Push my level of creativity so that people think I am crazy instead of fitting into the mold of what everyone else is doing.

And above all else:

– Continue to work with integrity and never EVER skimp on my product!!!

Well that about sums up MY resolutions for this year… If you have any you want to add just hit up the comments and I will be sure to respond as quickly as I can.


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