Lately I have been focusing on the idea and the worthiness of “networking”. Yes I of course have been thinking of the use of networking in the sense of business and especially in the context of graphic design and web design. I myself do and have done a number of graphic design and video projects and have not yet even shaken hands with someone who is also living in this world. So I have been doing research, looking and finding who in my area is involved in the world of graphic design, web design, filming, motion graphics, etc. To my surprise I found quite a few freelancers and firms alike! It was really surprising! In my area I felt so alone and then all of a sudden felt as if I was apart of something bigger and better. I have not yet created a website and haven’t ever delved into the world of web design, but would love to get started and do some extraordinary work for clients, but there is the question of where and how to start? This is what really got me thinking of how to network, who to get into contact with and left me wondering why I haven’t ever done this before.

So I have begun my journey of networking in my area and would challenge those who haven’t yet to get into contact with those who you either admire or do work in your community!

I started thinking about networking and success last night as I watched the movie “The Social Network”. This movie got me thinking in very different ways such was, how far is too far, why would you stab your friends who are apart of your network in the back for success, could letting someone in your network, in your path, in your professional life have a negative effect on you? Of course a majority of the movie was fictional, I do realize that, but there is a morality tale tied into this movie based on true events. I then thought to myself, “Don’t ever let yourself become so big that you forget who you are, who your friends are, and where you are going.”

So go out there and network, become apart of a firm, work for a design agency, do freelance work for the rest of your life, but do not forget that when you network with other people, when you are collaborating with someone it is important to keep these relationships, these networks of mentors, teachers, friends and colleagues; no matter what.


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