Where The Wild Things Are Review Pt. 1

Where The Wild Things Are

Ok, so I know this blog post is a little bit behind EVERY blog about this movie but I just have to say that this movie blew me away! I have been anticipating the arrival of this movie since I first saw the trailer on Scott Hansen’s Blog. At first glance I fell in LOVE with the entire movie! Since childhood I have loved the story, meaning, and art of this beautiful book and was entirely excited to see that this was going to be a movie. I did have my doubts though, as everyone usually does (will this movie fail, will they add too much to the story so that it loses its meaning, will it even BE the same or does it just have the same characters?).

Well yes; and no… This movie has captured the entire essence of the book (they even use lines from the book in the movie), but they have also added to the story in such a deep and emotional way that it still fits with the story but also puts a new twist on the entire thing.

I will say that most of the feelings I felt watching this movie I haven’t felt since I was a little boy. The feeling of no one understanding or listening to you, the feeling that you do not know what to do with your anger, the feeling that even monsters (or adults) can be scared really effected me in a deep way. I guess I would say that I realized in a deeper way that adults are sometimes just scared kids that don’t really know WHAT to do. I have to say that being a senior in college I am all too familiar with that feeling.

This post is part one to the two part review… Next post I will review the entire film from an art perspective, rather than the emotional perspective.


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