Decisions Decisions…

Since my internship I have been doing a lot of video work and at some times nothing BUT video work and it is getting me thinking: “Do I need to add video (or at least motion graphics) to my expertise?” While I have these thoughts of video and camera’s dancing in my head I cannot help but want to get into web design, but I have ZERO knowledge of CSS code and can only cut and paste here and there in the html world, but I do really want to do it. I have also been thinking about getting this Soaring Design thing up off the ground and making it a legit business instead of something that I do on the side.

My pricing is very minimal because I am not a legally recognized business, and I think I really need to get this thing going. So as I think and make these decisions here are some other thoughts as well: I am still a college student, I am pretty much poor, and well, studying and all these other things keep me from doing a lot of different things…

So here’s to you crazy thoughts… I will deal with you when I have the time…

On a side note: My motion graphic work will be posted under my portfolio page very very soon; so stay tuned.


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One response to “Decisions Decisions…

  1. Alright, so you may not have been asking for advice by posting this post but I thought I would share my opinions nonetheless.

    Do it bro.

    Yep, take Soar from an idea and a side project to a business. Do it big.

    The irony of it all, from what I have learned, is that starting a business (while still in college) will look a lot more like a lot of mistakes, underpaid jobs, and angry clients than a booming Forbes top 25 business.

    Honestly man, if you’re passionate about what you’re doing and you love doing it and could see yourself doing if for quite some time, sit down and write out some goals for the business – where you want to be in a few months, where you want to be in a few years – and what it’s going to take to get there.

    And the biggest piece of advice – take jobs . . . even if they are hard and outside your ability.

    You will fail.

    You will mess up.

    You will have frustrated clients.

    You will have no money.

    And you will want to quit.

    But the more jobs you take, the more you will learn.

    Honestly, at least from what I have learned with Thrive, 80% of business us your ability to work well with clients and the other 20% is you talent and ability to come through with a good product.

    Clients would rather have you over communicate and go the extra mile and make them feel like a million dollars and put out a mediocre product in the end rather than you put out some crazy video or graphic but take forever to do it and not keep them up to date.

    I’m still learning that one the hard way.

    But seriously bro, do it and do it big.

    Keep plugging away with After Effects, photoshop and illustrator, get your hands on Final Cut Pro and iWeb.

    If you’re wanting to get into web design, there is no better place to start than iWeb. You will be able to learn how design works on the web (cause it’s crazy different than print) and what you like and dont like and then once you get comfortable with that, you can slowly start venturing into the world of CSS and XHTML, etc.

    But yeah, all that to say – just do it bro. Go for gold and make that business a reality.

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